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Students stories

Noreena Shams

A- level student at Edwardes College

Noreena Shams is an A- level student at Edwardes College. Well known for her quick shots in badminton, squash and cricket, this remarkable athlete is born and raised in the beautiful valley of Lower Dir. In squash, she has made her way to the National championship and has received 4 gold medals in Badminton, High Jump , Squash and 200 meters run on regional level. Apart from for high credentials in the sports arena, Noreena Shams has earned her distinction as the youngest artist by the National College of Arts. She is declared best debater for the year 2013. This 17 years old Edwardian is placed among the 50 most influential ladies of Pakistan. Her remarkable contributions in different games are duly acknowledged . She is presently nominated for the President of Pakistan, Pride of Performance Award.

Ahsan Jeved

BS(CS) student at Edwardes College

The four years that I spent at Edwardes in BS(CS)were the most fascinating, academically challenging but also the most enjoyable years of my life. I was imparted with a number of transferable skills such as problem solving, interaction and communication skills. Edwardes gave me the courage to build my career. It helped me in participating and winning different national and international events. My achievements would have not been possible without Edwardes. Thank You Edwardes College . (Ahsan Jeved is the Goldmedlist of BS(Computer Science) University of Peshawar 2013

Syed Sohaib Karim

BS- Computer Science at Edwardes College

I spent four years at Edwardes College and this was the most memorable period in my life. Studying at Edwardes College has been one of the best decision ever. I always enjoyed the caring and friendly environment of the Edwardes and doing the BS- Computer Science at this college was life changing experience for me .Practical skills backed by academic knowledge gave me the confidence to pursue higher education in information technology. I achieved 14 notable international qualifications during my stay at Edwardes and a worthy position in KPK International Technology Board in Capacity Building Program. (Syed Sohaib Karim is the Goldmedlist of BS(Computer Science) University of Peshawar 2014. He also qulaified numrous International Professional Exams in Computer Science)

Hamza Farooq

Debating Society at Edwardes College

The Debating Society of Edwardes College sent its two debators , Hamza Farooq and Ghulam Maaz Jan to participate in a bilingual debate competition. At this national Level competition debators from Edwardes exhibited immense skills in the realms of oratory in both English and Urdu languages and Hmaza bagged sencond position.

Dr. Mahrukh Ayesha Ali

HND program at Edwardes College at Edwardes College

At the last covocation of Khyber Medical College (KMC), an alumna of Edwardes College Dr. Mahrukh Ayesha Ali (2004-2006 Group M1) received 8 Gold Medals. Besides, she was given a prize of Rs. 10,000/- per medal. Moreover she was declared the best graduate of session 2011. She topped the 3rd and 4th year of MBBS and got highest marks in various subjects. She represneted the KPK at the Youth Parliament, 2009-2010. She published 6 research papers and she also did elective rotations at Dundee, Scotland and Boston, MA in States.