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Civil Defence Society

The objective of this society is to train and equip faculty, staff and students to deal with demanding emergencies of any kind. It involves activities like fire fighting, providing immediate medical services, monitoring college control room and related complementary drills.

Debating Society

The debating society at Edwardes provides a healthy platform to our students to develop their communication skills. Students learn to lend voice to their opinion and cultivate tolerance by accommodating and appreciating contradictory opinions.

Dramatic Society

The dramatic society has always inspired students to unleash their potential on Edwardian stage. The society has won fame throughout the province for producing classical plays like Volpone, Hamlet, Macbeth, Dr Faustus and Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. Equally remarkable are the production of Modern Plays like A Man for All Seasons and Then There Were None. Every year, Edwardes welcomes students of different colleges and universities and people from different walks of life to relish its drama, making their evening unforgettable.

Leaders Society

This society has attracted students' interest by organizing competitions, seminars, workshops and events regarding Entrepreneurial skills, Personal Development, Constitutional Awareness, Global Entrepreneurship and Cancer Awareness. This society has earned immense commendations.

Climate Change Conscious Society (CCCS)

Global climate change is a threat that is equated with nuclear war in terms of its potential catastrophic impacts. Pakistan is declared third most affected country from climate-related disasters after Philippines and Haiti. The issue is enormously complex, questions current unsustainable economic development model, and demands multi-layered national and international cooperation. This society under the aegis of Prof. Zahoor Khan believes that once thought becomes conviction, things remain difficult but not impossible. It motivates Edwardians to play their role, no matter how small, to combat climate change.