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General Admission Policy


Edwardes college admissions are designed to ensure a diverse student body in ethnicity, religion, economic status and nationality. The college admits both men and women in its program, their strong academic background is a high priority. While the majority of applicants are from Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and from the Federal Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA), students are admitted from all regions and ethnic groups of Pakistan.

Financial Aid

In order to make education at Edwardes broadly available, the college is committed to provide financial assistance to its humble and needy students. The college's resources for financial aid are limited. Applicants seeking financial aid must submit a financial aid application at the time of admission, along with the required documentation of family income. When a financial aid award is made, the family of the student is committed to cover the remaining cost of his/her education at the college. Later supplemental requests will not be entertained.

Co-curricular Interests

Edwardes places a high priority on a strong academic record for all applicants. However, the college also values other forms of achievements, like demonstrated gifts in poetry, music, sports, fiction, drama, film, painting, sketching and other forms of art. Applicants should mention such interests and achievements in their admission forms.


The number of women students is increasing as a matter of policy. College policy is that men and women students can converse and study together on the campus. The college sponsors women's center, discourages inappropriate relations and enforces a gender harassment policy. However, the college encourages appropriate interaction and does not segregate women from men.


Edwardes conducts interviews with all applicants. Applicant must be prepared to engage in conversation with the Admission Committee Members in English. Interview topics include your background, your interest and your reasons for applying at Edwardes.

Admission Day Attire

Applicant must dress up appropriately when they come for Admission Day. Male applicants must wear button-shirt (with or without tie) and trousers or Shalwar and Kameez. Those wearing T-shirt, jeans and the like will be sent back to change, losing their place on the list. Female applicants must wear Shalwar and Kameez, or skirt and blouse. Those wearing T-shirts, stretch pants and the like will be sent back to change, losing their place on the list.

Undertaking For All Disciplines

As a part of the admission procedure, the student and his/her legal guardian will have to assure the college, through a written undertaking, that the student will, in no case, take part in strike or demonstration whatsoever within the college premises and he/she also must assure the college that the college detention policy will be binding upon him/her. Infringement will result in the student's name being struck off the college rolls.

Foreign Students

Persons seeking admission to the college from countries other than Pakistan are admitted when they have fulfilled certain additional requirements. These include approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acceptance by the University of Peshawar, and passing an English language test administered by the college. Applicants are advised to complete all formalities except the language test well in advance of application. Foreign students will not be admitted later than 20 days after the commencement of College classes.

Rules for Migration

Students who migrate from Edwardes College to join some other college must observe the following rules:

  • He/ She must apply to the Board/ University on a prescribed migration form ( obtainable from the Board/University Office)
  • He/ She must clear all dues before submitting the migration form.
  • He/ She must apply for leave if wishing to go way after the migration form has been signed by the Principal. He/ She will remain on the roll of the college until he/she obtains a College Leaving Certificate. Fee is charged from students up to the time of issuance of the College Leaving Certificate.

Students are admitted to Edwardes College in F.A/ F.Sc (Part-II) on merit by migration from other colleges subject to the availability of seats.