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Examination, Attendance and Leave Policy

Examination and Attendance Policy

  • Regular monthly tests are held throughout the academic year for all Intermediate and Degree classes. Annual Pre-Board and Pre-University Examinations are held during the academic session.
  • Attendance at lectures and practicals is obligatory.
  • Irregularity in attendance is punished by fines. However, irrespective of the payment of absentee fine, any student showing less than 75% attendance in any month will be struck off the college rolls immediately.
  • A student absent for five consecutive days or absent for five consecutive lectures in any one subject without approved leave will automatically be struck off the college rolls.
  • A student using unfair means in the college monthly tests and other college examinations will be expelled from the college.
  • For late admission cases, attendance shall be counted from the beginning of the session and not from the day of their admission as per Board rule. The student himself/herself shall be responsible for the shortage of his/her attendance if any.
  • A student will be struck off the college rolls at any stage if he/she is not up to the required standard in Pre-Board/Pre-University Exams, Monthly Tests or Attendance Record.

Submission of Board/University Examination Forms

  • The examination forms will be sent up to the Board/University depending on the monthly attendance and tests records.
  • Board/University Examination forms of Science students not attending required practical classes will be withheld.
  • Board Examination forms are sent provisionally and can be withdrawn at any stage.

Examination Eligibility Policy

The college has its own Examination eligibility policy, which is observed strictly.

For FA/FSc/A Levels,BA/BSc: A student is not allowed to appear in the Board / University Annual Examination if,.

  • He/ she have attended less than 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject
  • He/ she have attended fewer than 80% practical classes in each science subject.
  • He/ she obtain less than 40% marks in college monthly tests and other college examinations.


  • He/ she must attend at least 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject in all terms.
  • He/ she must not obtain less than 40% aggregate marks in College monthly tests and mid term examination.


  • He/ she must attend at least 80% of the lectures delivered in each subject.
  • Only two 'F' are allowed throughout HND course. In case of 03 fail units, student will be put on probation for one semester. In case of 04 fail units, student will be dropped out of the HND program.

Note : A student whose name is removed from the college rolls due to any disciplinary reason will not be allowed to sit or appear in public examination.

Student's Leave Procedure

  • A student who applies for leave must submit the proper Leave Application Form in the college office duly signed by the student, parent/guardian and tutor.
  • Back dated leave applications will not be entertained. In any case it is the responsibility of the student, parent/guardian to submit the leave application in time in the Year Head Office.
  • A request for more than two days' leave must be supported by documents.
  • Leave is approved only to exempt the student from any absentee fine and shall not be credited towards his/her attendance.
  • A student has no right to claim the attendance during the period of his/her suspension or struck off the rolls (in case of readmission).

Note :

  • Students should try to keep their attendance 100% in the classes, during the session.
  • Leave taken for illness, religious matters, mishaps in life or any other matter must be managed within allowed 25% of total lectures delivered and in no case attendance should be dropped below 75%.
  • College regularly issues white card (progress report) to each student each month, showing monthly test marks and attendance. Parents/guardians are advised to check the white card. If a student fails to show his/her record to his parents/guardian then it is their duty to check the monthly test marks and attendance on regular basis from Year Head Office/Tutor. The college strictly observes its detention policy.