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Living at Edwardes

Living at Edwardes: Living a Legacy

  • Edwardes College nurtures its more than hundred years of academic and professional excellence with unbounded devotion. Committed to higher standards, it tends to meet demands of a growing market and needs of a diversified society. Every year, thousands of its students are educated and trained not only academically but in the art of living a purposeful social life. Our pride rests in offering them:

Rich and Diversified environment

  • Cohesive society is the indispensable requirement for a productive individual. Knitted with bond of affiliation and mutual respect, the society of Edwardes college infuses its students with responsibility towards others and accountability to their conscience, humane values and God. Education generates love and respect for humanity at Edwardes.

Creativity through Co Curricular Activities

  • We aim to educate not only minds but hearts. We explore the unknown and untested talents of our students. We promote the academic potential but also explore unknown and untested talents of our students. The aim in the aforementioned pursuit is to equip our students with much required communication skills to meet professional demands of a challenging world. Sports, debates, music, photography, arts and cultural festivals are diligently arranged to enable our students to explore the vast storehouse of their potential.

Learning through Sharing

  • Learning at Edwardes is a mutual process of sharing knowledge and wisdom between students and teachers. Thriving in its conducive atmosphere, every student is encouraged to question and voice his opinions and inhibitions. Teaching is understood to develop a skillful individual who knows how to question and find answers to his questions. Our objective is to develop an independent learner who is least dependent on others for understanding and enriching his environment. Our students cherish this evolutionary process of their cognitive and perceptive development. We believe that success means accepting failures with an undeterred and continued aspiration to attain zenith of excellence-a learning that extends beyond classrooms.