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Edwardes College provides an auspicious environment for comprehensive learning that involves:

Inculcating Responsibility to Moral and Social Values

Edwardes College recognizes that education in its broader perspective involves intellectual and emotional maturity of youth. Inculcating responsibility towards moral and social values is fundamental to our learning process. This institute arranges various social welfare services that engage its students in selfless service to humanity. Similarly , seminars and debates are organized to highlight moral and social ills and their devastating impacts on Pakistani society. Edwardes College believes that a morally and socially conscious and responsible individual is an asset to state and society.

Producing Motivated and Self Confident Individuals

We make our students feel important. Edwardes College inclusive expressive environment educates students to believe in their abilities and explore their potential. It demands from its students to set their sights on the sky but firmly establish their foundation on the ground. Innovative minds are encouraged to produce ,fashion and create. We encourage our students to question and seek answer for their questions. Allowing an individual to believe in his abilities and explore his potential gives him self reliance and self confidence.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

We are living in an age of information. Manipulation of information is an effective source of power to control human minds and behavior. Nothing is more demanding in today?s world than developing a critical mind that would distinguish truth from falsehood. Edwardes College values critical thinking, enabling its students to expand their intellectual horizon by engaging them in a creative and critical discourse.