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Pushto Literary Society

This society aims to promote the young pushto poets and writers. Enthusiastic participants warmly engage themselves in critical debates, involving and enriching mushairas, and writing competitions.

Shooting and Hunting Society

This society aims to train faculty, staff and students in the use of arms for hunting. The activities involve use of non prohibited weapons, practice with air gun and cleaning of weapons.

Blood Donors Society

Edwardes has always contributed to assist and uplift those in need irrespective of their caste and creed. Blood Donors Society arranges annual blood donation camp in which apart from blood donation, free screening tests to diagnose Hepatitis B and C are conducted. We believe that an act of kindness never goes unrewarded in here and hereafter.

Edwardes Literary Society

This society aims to cultivate love for art and poetry, enabling our students to realize their artistic horizons. The society under the patronage of Assisstant Prof. Hanif Rasool organized Shaam-e-Ghazal and Shaam-e-Paziraaee last year, providing an enchanting experience to art lovers, students and teachers.

Music Society

Edwardes college encourages its student to participate in singing competitions. The society under the patronage of Lecturer Zeeshan patronizes the young students to cherish their talent in music.