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Edwardes Chemical society

This society aims to develop scientific abilities and skills of students especially regarding Chemical Sciences. It also organizes annual academic trips to NIFA( Nuclear Institute of Food and Agriculture) for students to bring out their passion and potential for creative endeavors.

Students Welfare and Guiding Society

This society intends to make students feel responsible for themselves to their society and most importantly make them conscious of the social issues. It arranges workshops and seminars on career counseling and role of the youth in the eradication of prevalent corruption in society.

Science Society

This society develops spirit for scientific inquiry in students. It aims to motivate students to find the application of their theoretical knowledge to daily life and to broaden the scope of scientific text.

Writing Society

The aim of this society is to enable students to express their views and ideas in writings and improve their written communication. This society conducts seminars on various topics such as precise, story and essay writing for students.

Mathematics Club

The club aims to encourage students to take interest in the applications of Mathematics in daily life. It also helps the institution to organize Mathematical Contests.