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Department of Political Science

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The department of International Relations and Political Science offers two year programs in the International Relations and Political Science respectively for its Degree students. For the Intermediate students, it offers a beginner's course in Political Science by the title, Civics. The subject of Political Science is the comprehension of decision making process within the state system having a central authority; whereas, International Relations involves understanding the patterns of states' relations in an international system characterized with anarchy?absence of a central government. Apart from understanding domestic and foreign determinants of the state decision making and patterns of interaction, the subjects offered by this department inculcates civic sense and duty towards one's state and global citizenship in a modern global world.


Assistant Prof. Zahoor Khan

Head of Department
M.Sc.International Relations (Islamabad), MA English (Islamabad), PhD (in progress)

Lecturer Hamid Khan

M.Phil (Islamabad) MA Political Science (Islamabad)

Lecturer Sareer Khan

MA Pakistan Studies, Political Science, IR (Peshawar), BEd(Mardan), M.Phil (in progress)